Getting Out My Own Way to Take More Risks

Sometimes it’s so easy to go backwards when you’re moving forward.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating graduate school and by passing the job search this go ‘round.

I’ve had some success in the job search, I’ve gotten some leads, but I am scared of rejection so much that I’ve just figured sticking to ole faithful would be better suited for me.

Then I realized some advice I wish had been told to me sooner: Take a risk. Even if it’s minute.

I don’t live on the edge like some 20-somethings and I’m a perfectionist to a fault, so it’s difficult for me to carpe diem.

"No" has been the word I’ve heard over the past few years regarding opportunities, but at the rate it’s been thrown around at me, it’s caused me to lose some steam and avoid pursing my dreams.

I admit, I’ve been depressed about the job search and when a good opportunity comes I deny myself before I even apply. While, applying to a job shouldn’t be a risk taker, a part of what I’ve been doing is freelancing, which means I pitch my own stories and cross my fingers while holding on that wing with a prayer it’ll get picked up.

Since freelancing, I’ve written for the USA Today College Blog and am in talks to write for another place (I’m keeping quiet on that for now). it was difficult to work up the nerve to write for UTCB since, I’d been rejected from their Collegiate Correspondent Program over a year ago.

it wasn’t until I really struck hard times that inspiration hit and I was able to write a story for them and they loved it. One lesson I learned was freelancing is a way of exposing myself with out having to worry about doing an interview.

The more obvious lesson: I’ll never know if I don’t try. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but I’m taking head to the advice - unwarranted, asked, and subliminal (looking at you Mr. Feeny) - people have given me to hold my head up.

And who knows, maybe I’ll actually work up the nerve to pitch the many TV and Movie ideas I have storied in my head.

Have you ever gotten in your own way?